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Agency : Sun Communications Ltd.

Color : BRONZE


BACKGROUND: Bangladesh is a land of beauty, enriched with culture & traditions. But what is seen in mainstream global news? Terrorism, corruption, natural crisis, and accident have become Bangladesh’s identical representations. Are these all there is to talk about Bangladesh? Meri[ and Radhuni came forward to change this impression in front of the world during Bangladesh’s 50th Victory celebration.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of the campaign was to showcase the opposite side of the coin- changing the perception about Bangladesh in front of the world and showcasing the original beautiful insights of its culture, natural beauty, tradition & hospitality on the 50th victory celebration.

CORE IDEA: Bangladesh is a land of scenic beauty, enriched with cultural heritage, traditional norms & history, and the untold hospitality culture. These are the core identity of Bangladesh which Meril and Radhuni wanted to present in a new way to the whole world through the ‘Amar Bangladesh’ campaign. The campaign was designed with two beautiful audio-visual productions.

EXECUTION: They have crafted two stories with the elements of Bangladesh’s beauty, pride, and tradition. The natural beauty, cultural heritage, and tradition were displayed through the brand “Meril” which talks about beauty. The hospitality and traditional heritage of food & culture were displayed through the brand “Radhuni”. From the positioning of both brands, the blend of this land’s beauty, pride, culture, and tradition came out loudly in a Justified way. This collaborative celebration of the 50th victory day from both brands “Meri[” & “Radhuni” created positive impressions on global digital media. The videos were also shared by international influencers and media, which played a game-changing role. The campaign was launched through a roadblock of 14 mainstream Television channels and across all social media platforms.

RESULT: The campaign got tremendous exposure. People loved the campaign and digital media flooded with lovely words from the audience. With huge organic exposure, the following are the results:

  • Reach 53+ M
  • Impressions 348.9+ M
  • Views90+ M
  • Engagement 99.9+ M