You are currently viewing Mojo Hamba Dako Hamba Jeto 2022 Campaign | SILVER

Agency : Adcomm Limited

Color : SILVER

BACKGROUND: Qurbani Eid is a joyous occasion where people celebrate with their loved ones. The festivities begin even before the actual day, as they visit “Gorur haats” to choose and acquire the desired animal for sacrifice. During this time, they warmly meet and greet relatives, distribute meat, and extend hospitality by inviting guests over. As the rounds of festivity continue, the demand for cold drinks rises, complementing the delicious food served during the celebrations.

OBJECTIVES: During Eid, the demand for cold drinks skyrockets as people indulge in heavy foods throughout the festive season. MOJO, as a cola brand, aimed to capitalize on this opportunity by becoming the top-of-mind choice for consumers during this period. The goal was to ensure that when people think of buying a cold drink, MOJO would be the first brand that comes to their minds.

CORE IDEA: Adcomm Limited observed how during Qurbani Eid, the festive atmosphere is filled with the sound of cows mooing, as people joyfully celebrate with friends and family. To establish a strong association with the festival and its target audience, they utilized the sound ‘Hamba’ as a creative tool in their communications. Encouraging people to imitate the cow’s sound, they initiated a contest where the person with the loudest and longest ‘Hamba’ noise would be rewarded.

EXECUTION: Adcomm Limited created an engaging OVC titled ‘Mojo Hamba Dako, Hamba Jeto’ with a Call-to-action to scream out the word ‘Hamba’, imitating the sound of a cow. Multiple ‘MoJo Hamba Dako, Hamba Jeto’ caravans traveled from one Haat to another, inviting participants of all ages to showcase their ‘Hamba’ call attempting to resemble an actual Hamba. A sound meter detected the winner with the closest ‘Hamba’ call, who was then gifted a cow as a festive prize. The campaign added a fun and memorable twist to the celebrations, resonating with the target audience and creating a lasting impression for MOJO right before Eid.

RESULT: The results spoke on behalf of the audience who honored the campaign with 7.83 million views on Facebook and 17 million impressions on Facebook. Digital Participants – 392 K, Activation Participants – 32.4 K. Apart from that, they observed how different people regardless of their age were enthusiastic about making the ‘Hamba’ sound. This campaign successfully established a superior bond & created a TOMA of 19.5 % for the audience who connected with the brand during the festival of Qurbani Eid. Sales increased by 11.4 %.