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Agency : Asiatic Mindshare Ltd.

Color : BRONZE

BACKGROUND: We notice dripping faucets practically everywhere. Drops of water may appear small, yet they can build up to massive amounts of water waste. According to studies, a malfunctioning water faucet dripping at one drop per second might waste up to llS thousand liters of water every year.

OBJECTIVES: The goal was to bring to attention the harm caused by low-quality water faucets and to advocate for a change.

CORE IDEA: ‘Let’s get rid of low-quality faucets for a better tomorrow”- was the campaign calling to raise awareness against water wastage. “Dripping faucets are deadlier than we can imagine” and called for changing to high-quality ROSA water faucets to stop unnecessary water wastage.

EXECUTION: In a sharp black-and-white tone, the video shows people in 3 different places trying to collect water but ending up with nothing but disappointment and misery. Then, in an urban setup, we see a woman trying to turn off a water tap in the kitchen but it keeps dripping. She looks like she’s in a hurry, so after a couple of attempts, she leaves and the tap keeps wasting water unnecessarily. Then showing a collage of similarly dripping water faucets, the brand voice-over states that this is how low-grade water faucets are wasting water continuously, while people elsewhere are immensely suffering due to scarcity of water. So, we should change our defective faucets to stop water wastage.

RESULT: The campaign AV received 12.2 million views, 18K shares, 4.SK comments, and 262K reactions. ROSA has effectively made a long-lasting impression in the minds of consumers as a brand that thinks and acts beyond beauty by strategically choosing the occasion and the subject matter exactly right.