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Agency : FCB Bitopi

Color : BRONZE

BACKGROUND: In Bangladesh, students often rely on after-school learning centers for study help or test preparation. From SSC-HSC coaching to admission test coaching – everything was mostly Dhaka-centric, so the learning opportunities for students from other parts of the country were very limited.

OBJECTIVES: Bangladeshi ed-tech startup Shikho found out about the limited learning opportunities of students and dedicated themselves to making high-quality education accessible and affordable while leveraging the power of technology. The objective was to make the parents and students aware of Shikho and start adopting this method of education.

CORE IDEA: The current education system ‘traps’ students with a feeling of dependency – their success is equated with the ability of their tutors rather than their own confidence or ability. Self-doubt arises among the students due to having to settle for a sub-par quality of education Shikho decided to step in by revolutionizing learning with the most innovative, high-quality, and accessible edtech solutions, to create a more confident and capable generation of students with the message “শিখবো, জিতবো” (Shikhbo, Jitbo) empowering students and ‘Jitbo, Shikbo’ showing the benefits to the students.

EXECUTION: In addition to the script, at the hands of experienced filmmakers, the video reached new heights. The CG of the beautiful Shikho bird engaged the audience everywhere in Bangladesh. The match cut in every scene with the Shikho Bird made the video more interesting, while the catchy jingle with simple chorus and dance moves made it more attractive to students. Lastly, the presence of Chanchal Chowdhury added credibility and made the video more trustworthy to the parents.

RESULT: By airing the campaign at prime time on TV and placing Billboards in prime locations created great brand awareness. Digitally on Facebook, the campaign got 7,474,144 reaches, 3,000,117 video views, and 80,939,41 impressions. From Google Ads, 9,184,217 interactions, 62,108,722 impressions, and 943,227 clicks. From You Tube skippable ads the campaign got a total of 1,047,869 interactions, 2,444,580 impressions, and 23,752 clicks. Within the first month, total app installation increased by around 25%, and organic app installation increased by around 14%. Total registered app users increased by around 46% within the first month. Therefore, in-app transactions for Shikho increased by around 10%.