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With a career spanning more than two decades, Kaushik De is a professional with a remarkable breadth of experience across various communication disciplines. His trajectory has been defined by significant accomplishments and extensive knowledge aligning with his comprehensive industry understanding. He is renowned for his ability to orchestrate high-impact advertising campaigns for renowned brands.

Kaushik De is an exceptional leader whose strategic expertise extends to team leadership and holistic planning, which he uses to maximize the potential of mass media communication. His approach guarantees that every aspect of a project is in sync for the best results.

What truly sets Kaushik apart is his hands-on involvement in the creative lifecycle of brands. His journey begins with creating ground-breaking ideas and continues with their painstaking implementation, culminating in powerful storylines that appeal to the consumers.

Kaushik De embodies creativity and inventive leadership that have made an unforgettable effect on communication and beyond in his multidimensional role as a Creative Director, Copywriter, mentor, and pioneer.