The Commward 2024 (hereafter referred to as CMW 2024) recognizes the best creative work of Bangladesh’s agencies and organizations in the ever expanding traditional and digital media.


    • Campaigns submitted for The Commward (CMW) 2024 should be active in the traditional & digital platforms from June 1st, 2023, to May 31st, 2024.
    • Work entered in the previous year cannot be re-entered unless a significantly different version of the campaign is newly created.
    • In exceptional circumstances, work (Nominations) that could not be submitted in the previous edition due to the timeline and incomplete results (for 2023) can be submitted in CMW 2024.
    • CMW 2024 assumes all entries are original and the agency/organization that owns the work, has permission from the client, or they can submit the work with all rights granted.
    • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) letter from the Client/Marketing Head/Brand Head certifying that the submission is an original and approved work should be submitted.
    • Clients and agencies cannot nominate the same campaign in the same category (if it happens, the agency’s submission will be considered). Still, they may nominate the same campaign in different categories.
    • The CMW 2024 NOMINATION KIT is available online and the work must only be submitted online with all the relevant details requested. The entire process will be paperless and automated.
    • To protect the integrity of the judging, please provide the name of the agency/organization only when asked for. Mention of the submitting agencies/organizations‘ logo and name in the case of av will be grounds for disqualification.
    • The submitted nomination(s) will be accepted upon the confirmation of payment.


    • For campaigns involving multiple agencies, credit must be given to all relevant agencies, including creative, media, digital, BTL, etc. The co-lead agency must be designated at the time of entry, and you may not add or remove a second lead agency after the entry period.
    • Each participating agency/organization can nominate any number of entries in the mentioned categories.
    • Each entry/campaign can be nominated in more than one category. In this case, the same campaign in a different category will be treated as an additional entry and charged accordingly.
    • For in-house work submissions, please list your company as both the Lead Agency and Client in the submission portal, Nomination Form, and PPT.
    • Case AV is mandatory as it helps the jury better understand and evaluate the campaign. Case AV can be submitted both in Bengali and English.
    • For campaigns that are no longer active on the offline/online platforms, screenshots must be highlighted in the entry form.
    • The results shared in the story must match the screenshot of the insight provided in quantitative/qualitative terms.
    • Agencies submitting their works under the Packaging Category of Commward 2024 must submit a sample of the package design.
    • Agencies/Organizations submitting for the packaging category must also send a packaging demo AV. The AV must provide a holistic view of the packaging, complementing the package design, innovation, features and functionalities within not more than 50 seconds.
    • Please carefully check and re-check the name of the campaign, category, and story that has been entered. Once the form has been submitted or presented to the judges, modifications cannot be made. (The information provided during submission and confirmation by the CMW Team will appear on the crest, winner post, or any other platform where the winners’ details will be reflected).
    • Once submitted, an entry cannot be withdrawn.
    • Please submit your entries by the deadline of June 23, 2024 (Sunday).
    • Judges’ scoring/disqualification/qualification/reclassification decisions apply to all Entrants.


    • All entries for CMW 2024 must be submitted through the Online Platform (
    • Organizations/Agencies must fill all the necessary fields in the mentioned form with adequate information.
    • Please attach all the necessary content materials on google drive and share the link online. Also, make sure to change the settings to “Public/Anyone with the link” when submitting through google drive.
    •  All the submissions should have a single link following a folder named by the campaign title with nine sub-folders (**Nomination Form, *PPT, *NOC, Campaign AV, *Case AV, *Case Board, Creatives, *Insights (Proof of the result), *Logo – Agency & Brand). The Google Drive link should be accessible till the 31st of December 2024 for the CMW team.** These signs show the mandatory field.
    • The entry description must not exceed 500 words (refer to the form for the questions). A very long description can make it difficult for the judges to consider. A crisp and on-point write-up would be sufficient to take this ahead. The sentence structure must be on third person in order to keep the description neutral.


    • A PowerPoint Presentation based on a given template with a maximum of 15 slides (download the PPT template from the site).
    • Supporting Images of the campaign (Maximum 5 High-Resolution Images in .png or .jpeg format with a maximum size of 15 MB (size: H: 3” X W: 7”). If the campaign doesn’t contain any images, share a screenshot of the best scene from the campaign using the brand logo.
    • Case AV of the Specific Campaign (based on the context of submission & category but at most 2 minutes with a maximum size of 100 MB).
    • Campaign AV (brand/product/service-based Audio Visuals). High-resolution audio-visual and digital content in .avi, .wmv, .mp4 format.
    • A scanned copy of the NOC must be shared with the proper seal and signature of the client. No e-signature or mail conversation as proof of the NOC is accepted. Use only the given content of the NOC, agencies are allowed to use the client’s letterhead.
    • The results mentioned should have definite proof (screenshots of paid and organic reach, impressions, clicks, etc.). Check sample on page 16.
    • Provide an Ai/PNG logo of the brand and agency for the submitted campaign(s)


    • PDF of the nomination form will not be accepted.
    • Do not convert the PPT into PDF.
    • Do not share YouTube, FB, or Instagram campaign audiovisual/ picture links with us. CMW 2024 only accepts downloaded audio visuals images shared by the entrants.
    • Please share the original campaign links. For instance, if the entry is website based, the site address must be shared in the presentation.
    • The duration of Case AV exceeding 2 minutes will lead to disqualification.
    • Any Case AV for Art Direction, Copywriting, Film, Film Craft, Music/Jingle and Print is not mandatory.
    • If any entry is found to be plagiarized, it will be disqualified.
    • The submission of entry authorizes the Commward organizer to use (with due credits) a part of the text, images, and audio/video clips from the entry to use in print, radio, TV, internet, or any other digital platform to promote or report the Awards.


Call for Nomination
May 20, 2024
COMMWARD Nomination Deadline
June 23, 2024
Entry Fees
BDT 14,000 + 15% VAT
* Taxes as applicable


The payment can be made through A/P Cheque/ Cash/ Credit/Debit Card/ Pay Order/ Mobile Financial Services (bKash/Nagad)/ BEFTN/ RTGS payment mode. The payment for CMW 2024 should be referred to the name “Brandzeal.”
Bank Details:
A/C Name Brandzeal
A/C Number 01-3117359-01
Routing No 215 261726
Bank Name Standard Chartered Bank
Branch Name Gulshan- 1
Bank Address

67 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka- 1212, Bangladesh

  • Cheque should be sent in favor of ‘Brandzeal’ and must reach at Apt-9/A (Level-9), House No – 30 CWN(A), Road No – 42/43, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212, Mobile: +880 1671-798914 by the last date of entry acceptance. Please address the envelope containing the cheque(s) to Mr. Pulok Das and mention ‘CMW 2024 ENTRY FEE’ on the envelope.
  • No refunds will be made once payment is submitted or in case of any disqualification(s).
  • The forms can be submitted online 24×7 before the mentioned deadline.

In case of any confusion regarding any category/details of the CMW 2024, please get in touch with the organizer.


    • A Case Board should have a detailed visual presentation to showcase your work through images and provide a concise summary of the project’s brief, execution process, and achieved results.
    • A Case Board Is Mandatory for the Best Creative Strategy, Best Use of Branded Content, Best Use of Digital Media, Best Use of Influencer, Campaign for Sustainability, Campaign for Women, Efficacy, Innovation in Media, Integrated Campaign, Most Creative Use of Media, Most Effective Use of Media, Native, PR, Rural Marketing, Small Budget Media Campaign, Titanium.
    • JPG
    • 7063 X 5008 Pixels
    • Size: 5 – 15 MB
Sample Case Board
    • Agencies Submitting their Works under Brand Experience & Promotion, Rural Marketing & Outdoor categories must submit a 3D Model Visual.
    • JPG
    • 7063 X 5008 Pixels
    • Size: 5 – 15 MB
Sample 3D Model
    • The context of a campaign refers to evidence or documentation that demonstrates the performance of the campaign. This proof typically includes data and analytics related to the key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, click-through rates, conversion rates, engagement metrics, return on investment (ROI), and other relevant metrics.
Sample Insight
    • Submit a physical copy of the campaign (Script, Packaging, Art direction and Print) within three days of submitting for your nomination.
    • Agencies entering the Art Direction, Copywriting, and Print categories are required to provide physical copies of their campaign creatives. The mount board dimensions should be of 21 inches in width and 17 inches in height, with picture dimensions of 16 inches in width and 12 inches in height (lab print).
For Nomination Only

Contact: +880 1620 292 898, +880 1953 991 665, +880 1925 969 444

For Technical Support Only


+880 1763 872 217